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Reverand Father Michael G. Popson

Pastor  E-mail

Divine Liturgy

Sundays at 8:00 AM
Second Liturgy
Summer Schedule 10:00 AM
Starting May 10th
Weekday Schedule per Calendar or Bulletin


5408 Locust Lane
Harrisburg, PA 17109-5526
Rectory - 717.652.1415,
Parish Center - 717.652.0545
Fax - 717.412.7771 E-mail Church Email
St. Ann Church

St Ann's Parish Festival
St. Ann's Slavic American Festival will be held on July 19th from noon to 9. Click Here  for more details.
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Philadelphia Pilgrimage
St. Ann's Byzantine Knights of Columbus will host two buses to the Open Mass celebrated by Pope Francis. Mass is at 2 PM. Buses will depart St. Ann's Church parking lot at 8 AM. Buses will depart Philadelphia 7 PM with a food stop enroute to Harrisburg. Donation $30.00 contact Denny Bupp 265-6319 or Tom Walko 545-4046
Click Here  for more details.