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Served by Fr. Taras Lovska


Divine Liturgy

Sundays at 8:00 AM
Second Liturgy
Fall/Winter Schedule 10:30 AM
Weekday Schedule per Bulletin


5408 Locust Lane
Harrisburg, PA 17109-5526
Rectory - 717.652.1415,
Parish Center - 717.652.0545
Fax - 717.412.7771 E-mail Church Email
St. Ann Church

Weekly Parish Schedule

   Sunday   July 5    Fifth Sunday After Pentecost. Our Venerable
    Father Athanasius of Mt. Athos
    8:00AM   Divine Liturgy
    10:30AM   Divine Liturgy
   Tuesday   July 7   Our Venerable Fathers Thomas of Maleum and
   Acacius, Mentioned In the Ladder
    6:00PM   Divine Liturgy
   Wednesday   July 8   9:00AM Divine Liturgy followed by Supplication
   Confession from 8:00AM-9:00AM
   Bishop Kurt invites us to have a penitential service to ask our Lord to bless this
   country and to give us peace.
   Thursday   July 9   The Holy Martyr Pancratius, Bishop of
    8:30AM   Divine Liturgy
   Friday   July 10   The Holy 45 Martyrs in Nicopolis in Armenia
    8:30AM   Divine Liturgy
   Saturday   July 11   The Holy Martyr the Illustrious Euphemia
    8:30AM   Divine Liturgy
    6:00PM   Vespers
   Sunday   July 12   Sixth Sunday After Pentecost
    7:30AM   Matins
    8:00AM   Divine Liturgy
    10:30AM   Divine Liturgy

St Ann Divine Litugry on You Tube
Live Stream and Recorded Divine Liturgies from St Ann Parish are available on our YouTube Channel.

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